Communicating more effectively with VideoRecap.

Communicate faster, more efficiently and get the most out of your employees with VideoRecap: the future-proof video communication tool. Get started today!

VideoRecap in brief

Automatically translate spoken text into 75+ languages.

Communicate more effectively internally
with short video messages

Speech-to-text function for automatic
written reporting

Convenient translation function for subtitling
videos in your own language

Play videos even when the app is closed
or only audio if your phone is locked

Structured and secure

Video communication | Easily and quickly informed of what's going on in your organisation.

As an entrepreneur, director or manager, you are busy and sometimes on the road a lot. With VideoRecap you communicate easily, faster and more efficiently with all your employees via short video messages. VideoRecap automatically translates your video messages into more than 75 languages, making communication in different languages possible.
You stay up to date on internal processes, sales cycles, progress in projects and what is on your staff’s minds. In addition, urgent matters can be picked up faster. Watch the video messages wherever and whenever you want and send a video message back quickly if necessary. Structured storage and complete security.
These clients already communicate with VideoRecap:

What is VideoRecap?

VideoRecap is a user-friendly app in which you, as a manager, and your employees record and share videos in a secure and structured environment.
In short videos (of 1 – 5 minutes, for example), employees can share information about progress in projects, do a shift handover, ask questions, indicate important points that need to be addressed quickly or, for example, give an update on the work week. Communication 2.0.: fast, secure, modern and effective. Steer directly for change or results!

Why VideoRecap?

VideoRecap not only ensures better internal communication but also offers additional advantages over traditional methods such as WhatsApp or email.
  • Written record of the message in your preferred language.
  • Language barriers are history with the translation function.
  • More than 75+ languages available for transcript and translation.
  • Videos are playable even when the app is closed (PIP).
  • If your phone is locked you can also play audio only.
  • Bring urgent matters to your attention faster with a notification. 
  • Decide who can see each other and what they can see. 
  • Easier and better collaboration between departments or branches.
  • Prevents miscommunication.
  • Suitable for any organisation.
  • Ideal for executives with busy schedules. 
  • Always, everywhere and quickly informed about what is going on in your organisation and with your employees.
Really knowing what's going on in your organisation is the key to success.