How VideoRecap works

VideoRecap is easy for anyone to use. Want to know how it works? We’ll guide you through it in 5 simple steps.

1. Set up your own VideoRecap environment.

Create your own VideoRecap environment and choose the functionalities, maximum length of the videos, frequency of recording and specify with whom the videos can be shared.
This way you stay very well informed about the status of projects or work and you can very easily help and coach your employees if they need it. Colleagues can also use the videos to ask each other for advice or share specific knowledge.

2. Invite users to a 100% secure VideoRecap environment.

After the VideoRecap environment has been created based on your requirements, you can have your employees invited to participate. With a simple click, each employee then creates his or her personal account.
This environment is immediately 100 percent safe and secure and of course meets all AVG requirements.

3. Recording videos.

In the user’s own account, the user can directly record a video. Record the video where and when it is convenient for you. For example, in the car just before you leave in the evening or morning, after a meeting, at the end of the week, by day or by week.

4. Sharing videos.

After recording, you can watch the video back, cancel it (and re-record if you’re not satisfied) or send and share it right away. Your colleagues can like the videos. Did someone forget to record a video? Then you can send them a reminder.

5. Easily informed about what's going on in your organisation. When and where you want.

You can watch and respond to the videos whenever you want. Busy schedule? Little time for long meetings? VideoRecap uses short videos to keep you informed about urgent matters, problems encountered by colleagues and successes achieved.
The videos are recorded in a structured way and are easy to play at any time. You can even play videos when the app is closed (PIP) or play audio when your phone is locked.
These clients already communicate with VideoRecap:
Really knowing what's going on in your organization is the key to success.