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Recording and sending videos has always been possible, but VideoRecap offers some essential features and benefits that will take your internal communication and collaboration to the next level.

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Features and benefits
Automatic transcript of each video

VideoRecap automatically converts any video to text. A huge time saver for employees who no longer have to type up elaborate reports and thus can devote their time to other important matters.

Set up the way you want
You decide in advance how you want the app to be set up: the maximum length of the videos, the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), which functionalities you do and do not want to use, whether reports will only be sent to the manager or whether employees can also share information among themselves.
Structured environment
All videos are stored in a structured manner (which is a significant difference from WhatsApp, for example, where the data is anything but structured). You can also give videos a label. In case knowledge is shared, it can be easily retrieved via the search menu. You can also manage automatic notifications yourself.
75+ Languages

VideoRecap is easy to use by anyone anywhere in the world. Translations of speech are possible in 75 languages and for transcripts it is even 99 languages. Click here for an overview of all languages. You can use the VideoRecap app itself in English or Dutch.

Easy to use
VideoRecap is user-friendly and has a very intuitive environment. Anyone can get started immediately after installation.
Fully secure environment

VideoRecap is fully secure. So all videos created and shared can be sent and viewed with confidence.

Translation function

VideoRecap can provide videos with subtitles in the viewer’s language. Language barriers are a thing of the past and you can simply speak the video in your native language. Collaborating and sharing information with colleagues abroad has never been easier.

Save time

As a business owner, director or manager, you listen, watch or respond to the videos at the time that suits your schedule. For example on the road or in the evening. This way you work and communicate more efficiently. In addition, you no longer have to schedule a meeting for everything. Meetings often overrun and now you can discuss things much faster.

Interaction and notifications
You can give a video a like, or send a response back immediately after watching it. Is the video urgent and/or does it need to be sent specifically to a certain person? In that case, you can use a notification so that the recipient immediately knows that the message is urgent. Did someone forget to record a video? Then you can also send this person a reminder.
Increase engagement
VideoRecap increases employee engagement. Where in a meeting not everyone might get to speak, now everyone can share their opinions easily and quickly.
Use anytime, anywhere

VideoRecap can be used anytime and anywhere. You can play videos even when the app is closed (PIP). In addition, VideoRecap also plays audio when your phone is locked.

Seamless integration
VideoRecap will soon be easy to integrate with ERP, CRM tools and many other IT applications. This is how you make VideoRecap part of your existing IT.
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