Suitable for any organisation

VideoRecap is suitable for any organisation, large or small and in any industry. You can use VideoRecap for various professional uses from a communication tool, collaboration tool, instruction tool, education tool to a reporting tool. The possibilities to improve your internal communication are endless.

Communication tool

With VideoRecap, you communicate more effectively, more easily and more clearly. Working with VideoRecap prevents miscommunication, ensures shorter lines of communication and makes it easier to steer for results and to be aware of the status of projects.

Practical example
A bicycle shop manager with multiple branches uses VideoRecap to manage his colleagues weekly on results, sales, maintenance or orders. This is now much easier and faster than before. All information is shared directly in a video and stored in a structured way. Transcripts of the video ensure that the information can also be quickly recorded on paper if necessary.

Collaboration tool

Make collaboration between departments, colleagues who are on the road a lot or international locations easier with VideoRecap. For any organization, mutual consultation is very important. Sometimes crowded schedules make it a challenge to set a date. Or not everyone gets a chance to speak in the meeting. VideoRecap ensures that everyone gets a voice (in their own native language) when it suits them.

Practical example
VideoRecap is ideal for international organizations with offices in several countries. The handy translation function allows, for example, a French or Arabic colleague to simply record a video message in their own language. A colleague in another country receives this video with subtitles in his/her language. VideoRecap can translate 75 languages so that language barriers are no longer an obstacle to good and fast collaboration.

In various organizations, many tasks require cooperation between departments. VideoRecap helps managers to be well informed about what is going on, what progress is being made and to be able to react immediately.

Instructional tool

VideoRecap can also be used well as an instructional tool. New protocols can be easily explained and shared. Any questions that may come up can be answered quickly and easily. Because people can respond directly, you can also let employees think about a new approach or an innovative idea. Or you can have experienced employees record their knowledge on video so that it is always available to less experienced employees.

Practical example
A novice mechanic working within an installation company has less experience and knowledge than colleagues who have been working in the field for longer. Via VideoRecap, the inexperienced technician can quickly ask a question and can thus be assisted remotely by his colleague(s). In addition, the knowledge is also immediately stored in the video database. You can assign a label to the video. The knowledge about the installation issue can thus be quickly looked up again if it is needed another time.

Education Tool

Do you have a complicated question you’d like a quick answer to? Create a video and share it with colleagues via notification and get an answer to your question very quickly. Do you have new employees? With VideoRecap you will know faster how they are doing, whether they can find their feet. You can guide them more easily, train them and experienced employees can send them a short explanation of certain questions they still have.

Practical example
A software company uses VideoRecap to have experienced colleagues speak tips and tricks to more inexperienced employees. In addition, the inexperienced employees can easily share questions about a specific issue and an answer now comes back to them faster. With that explanation, they can then move on immediately.

Reporting tool

VideoRecap is the way to do a handover easily and quickly. After your shift, share important information in a short video message with your colleague or team. Do you have a duo job colleague? Then you can quickly give each other a short handover within the secure structure of VideoRecap and inform each other of urgent matters that still need to be dealt with.

Practical example
In healthcare, it is important that when shifts change, there is a good handover. With VideoRecap you can do this very easily and quickly with the secure video recording. The report can also be converted to text so that everything can be put on paper immediately. An enormous time saver.

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